Seth Cooke ‎– Pneuma (CDr album)




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Seth Cooke ‎– Pneuma (CDr album)

We’re thrilled here at LF to present a this major statement from one of the hardest working free-thinking musical bods we know. Seth’s been involved with so much good sound’n’word juice over the years – as one of the lead organisers of the Bang The Bore collective/magazine, as a killer skins man for Bristol/Southhampton noise thuggee unit Hunting Lodge, as a glossolalic gun for Northern weird jammer groups like A Band and Ashtray Navigations, as the hammer man for mondo duo Defibrillators… or just as a dude with an ear/brain keen as knife. So…

“Workmen spent eighteen months renovating the basement flat beneath our home in Leeds. During that time they made a hell of a racket (I could stomach the tools; less so the shouting); managed to both flood the basement flat and spin it into a racial tirade against the owner of the outlet that sold them the part; urinate in our garden, in broad daylight, despite the working toilet they’d installed; block our driveway; and blame the global financial crisis exclusively on Jewish bankers. Pneuma is my attempt to alchemically transmute the experience into gold, of a sort – the pneumatic drill featured throughout was recorded during the ordeal.” – Seth Cooke

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