Sissy Spacek ‎– Gate (7inch vinyl)


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Sissy Spacek ‎– Gate (7inch vinyl)

Sissy Spacek’s journey through powerviolence into grindcore and deeper into noisecore. The duo’s (Charlie Mumma/Wiese lineup and may be the final recordings before the new lineup featuring Sara Taylor of Youth Code) noisecore onslaught, comprised of drums, bass, and electronics, feels like a harsher but less chaotic version of Nihilist Commando – without the emphasis on the vocals. While Sissy Spacek has started producing some of the best noisecore in the US, the band still feels rooted primarily in the realm of noise, with noisecore being one of the many applications of that. (

NOTE:Record was cut at 33RPM instead of 45RPM as stated on the sleeve and labels. A & B sides are also reversed.



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