Aspec(t) ‎– Waspnest (LP)



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Aspec(t) ‎– Waspnest (LP)

No Wave demolition is in order from this Italian duo, whose acrobatic brutality comes through an aktionist use of sax, electronics, voice and drums.

Mimmo Napolitano (aka SEC_) and Mario Gabola quickly accelerate their shredding noises with reckless velocity of Mike Patton-esque glossolalia, splattered sax and guttural amplifier distortion. As quickly as Aspec(t) achieve turbo speed, the burn-out is equally as abrupt. The two slump into extended passages of dampened activity as if catching their collective breath through the comparatively restrained concoctions of free form drum kit skitter, porcine grunts and smeared feedback. Once recovered, the two blast off once again towards another nitrous-fuelled car crash.
Jim Haynes The Wire #325

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