CM Von Hausswolff ‎– Operations Of Spirit Communication (LP)



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CM Von Hausswolff ‎– Operations Of Spirit Communication (LP)

Total duration: 47 min 03 sec
Composed at the Fort, Stockholm, spring 2000

Recorded at the Royal Chamber and at the Fort 1998-2000 and at the following events:

EV+A, Limerick, Ireland, 2000
Königreiche Elgalan-Vargaland, Podewil, Berlin/Reno Hotel, Bangkok, 1999
3rd International Biennial, SITE Santa Fé, New Mexico, USA, 1999
CM von Hausswolff, Andréhn-Schiptjenko Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 1998
The Quickening, Banja Lake, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1998
Medialization, Stiftelsen Edsvik, Sweden, 1998

Thanks to:
Jochen Schwarz, Rosa Martinez, Leif Elggren / Kent Tankard / Mike Harding / Benny Nielsen, Thomas Nordanstad, Marina Schiptjenko, Ciléne Andréhn, Sasa Karalic, Joseph Backstein and Per Lydmar.

Dedicated to:
Andrew M McKenzie and Friedrich Jürgenson

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