Matthew Swiezynski ‎– The One Who Modifies Time And Light (CD album)


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Matthew Swiezynski ‎– The One Who Modifies Time And Light (CD album)
First in a series focusing on sound and music in cinema, dwelling on field recordings, follies and harmony initially used to augment picture, now isolated and modified as a lover’s response to the experience of film.

The recordings are highly memory-annihilated edits of a mediation on the work of Satyajit Ray’s Apu trilogy, created initially for Patrick Mcginley’s Framework Radio. A further reworking of this music began in the logic editing system, where a slow-duplication was instituted in order to create a more stereo-rich listening experience. Soon discovered was a plethora of glitching errors. These glitching dreams were then augmented and purified in the tradition of John Cage.
In addition to these “chance procedures”, a touch of immobility, abstractions and layerings was added underneath to release the
music further from its maker. After all this nonsense, the mix was found to be a pleasantly disorienting experience. This work is dedicated to my love Chi and our puppy Leviathan.

Leviathan gave me these words of inspiration which one can find in Paradise Lost Massacré :

“Infinite Vale. Through the vast and scornful deep, tossing fiery waves of dire hope, what sea-beast Leviathan that piloted the ocean storm, and burned lakes contrary to his own dark designs, he doth obscure mercy and continues on his dusky air. Praise Leviathan: the one who modifies Time and Light to drive us hence.”

released April 23, 2018

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