Michel Chion ‎– La Tentation De Saint Antoine (2CD re-issue)




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Michel Chion ‎– La Tentation De Saint Antoine (2CD re-issue)

“…This work was already composed in 1984, using the voices of Pierre Schaeffer (as Anthony), Michele Bokanowski (as Ennoia), Chion as the narrator and others. Now of course this is all spoken/narrated in French, although Anthony bumps into an English speaking guy (must be a demon), but it all quite interesting to hear. Just as a radiophonic work, with objects falling to the floor, the rustling of papers and other obscured sounds to tell this story, with this fine variety of voices, sounds all very nice. I just sat back and listened and actually enjoyed it a lot. Its like listening to a radio station from a country which language you don’t grasp – or perhaps its my temptation, not to understand this. Fascinating, though.” – Frans de Waard.

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