Mike Shiflet ‎– Ichinomiya 5.3.6 (CD album)




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Mike Shiflet ‎– Ichinomiya 5.3.6 (CD album)

If I am not mistaken (I usually am), this is the first ‘real’ CD for Mike Shiflet, the man behind the lovely Gameboy Records, as well as a member of Scenic Railroads and a solo artist in the realms of noise. Loud noise that is, but it’s also of the more interesting kind.  Here he doesn’t opt for  the true harsh noise, but plays around with a violent, motor like piece of drone music. Present on all levels in the dynamic spectrum, from the low end hum to the high end piercing sound, this moves only slowly around, with subtle changes that occur with regular intervals. Although minimal and conceptual in approach, Shiflet produced a work, one track only, that never leaps into boredom or repetition. It’s a work that can be played loud or soft, that can be a menace but also a work that can be regarded as a beautiful drone. Exactly this makes Shiflet one of the more interesting noise artists, adding something new to the genre in which so many copycats dwell. A great work. (Vital Weekly)

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