Modern Shit ‎– Will Make You Ill (CD reissue)


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Modern Shit ‎– Will Make You Ill (CD reissue)

“After surfacing briefly in 2007 in a very limited number of copies on slim-jewel-box together with the “Artkoustics” catalogue, alga marghen is now proud to presents the final edition of Modern Shit, a very singular chapter in the Amos/It’s War Boys/Milk from Cheltenham/Homosexuals history. Directly taken from the original It’s War Boys catalogue, here is one of the most obscure sonic works of the early 1980s. The idea was to create a contemporary “Non-stop”, vaguely in emulous contradiction to product by people like Cerrone and Biddulph (1970’s disco queens). Lepke and Amos, the two minds behind this project (and 2/3 of the Milk from Cheltenham adventures), each constructed a half hour near-continuous Non-stop using only the foulest materials. The cd is presented in a new digipack edition with full colour cover. Final edition of 500 copies.”

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