Oscillatorial Binnage ‎– Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds (CD)




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Oscillatorial Binnage ‎– Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds (CD)

Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds is an 11-track album of post-digital, post-electronic music. The recordings are deeply acoustic – no electronic processing features anywhere. The sounds are produced by the experimental manipulation of repurposed recycled objects subjected to electromagnetic force fields. The ‘infinite world of the real’ offers up richly unpredictable effects, with fields of vibration producing psychoacoustic flourishes, along with spontaneous, arbitrarily microtonal and harmonic compositions.

London-based electroacoustic quartet Oscillatorial Binnage have been giving workshops and performing live experimental improvised music together since 2004. The group is comprised of Fari Bradley, Toby Clarkson, Christopher J Weaver and Daniel Wilson.  Characterised by their repurposing of found objects, they began using self-built electromagnetic assemblies in 2007.

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