Papal Bull ‎- Argot of Incomprehension (CD album)




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Papal Bull ‎- Argot of Incomprehension (CD album)

Double-quick Dictaphone-heavy duo scraping at a clay pot long regarded as sacrilegious for mortal men. Jon Marshall and Joe Murray poke a sensitive sonic scab before ripping open a new wound filled with densely manipulated voice jaxx, swooping holler and tape fingering with tight nâ shiny production values like these bulls just strolled outta Houston, Texas. Fire escape music for risky fritters.

Jon Marshall runs the world-renowned Singing Knives label from his Sheffield UK base and plays in respected freak-units: Roman Nose, Akke Phallus Duo and Rotten Tables Golden Meat. Joe Murray plays often as Posset in any number of Northern UK pick-up groups.

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