Robert Turman ‎– Chapter Eleven (4xCD Box Set reissue)


HEL 42002, HN306


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Robert Turman ‎– Chapter Eleven (4xCD Box Set reissue)

Debuting in 1988 as a self-released 8xCassette boxset, Chapter Eleven collects the solo recordings (1976–1987) from one of the earliest members of the US Industrial Noise scene, coalescing a wide swath of influences and culling experimental techniques into inventive new terrain. Carefully remastered from the original tapes, this deluxe reissue is a long-awaited rescue from obscurity.

“Turman seemed to have taken over where the last of the great synth based kraut artists left off in the 70s, infusing the spiritual meditation music with his own brand of loop hypnosis, slowly moving drones, industrial patterns, guitar fuzz, and even some in-your-face 80s style synth work.” —IMPOSE Magazine.

Over 4 hours of music. Co-Released by Hanson Records and Helicopter.

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