THE NEW BLOCKADERS – Nonchalant Acts Of Artistic Nihilism (CD)



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THE NEW BLOCKADERS – Nonchalant Acts Of Artistic Nihilism (CD)

The New Blockaders are merchants of ‘anti-music,’ they embrace Luigi Russolo’s 1913 Art of Noise manifesto and although Russolo is widely credited as being the first major noise theorist, contemporary Noise artists like TNB were the first to progress from the use of noise as assault on tonality to the development of a rich, complex language capable of subtleties of shade and nuance without sacrificing any of its feral power or ability to unlock repressed personae in the listener. Their manifesto (1982) proclaims, ‘Blockade is resistance. It is our duty to blockade and induce others to blockade: Anti-music, anti-art, anti-books, anti-films, anti-communications. We will make anti-statements about anything and everything. We will make a point of being pointless…’

TNB served as a major influence on legendary Noise pioneers as Merzbow and their influence on the current crop of popular crossover Noise artists such as Prurient and Wolf Eyes is immeasurable.

On this new CD, you will find recordings of two brilliant live actions: the first took place in Berlin in 2012, the second at Tower Transmissions 4 Festival in Dresden in 2014. There is no better noise act in the world than The New Blockaders.

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