The Nihilist Spasm Band ‎– Breaking Wind (LP)




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The Nihilist Spasm Band ‎– Breaking Wind (LP)

Nihilist Spasm Band have been around for much longer than forty years, playing together on a weekly basis since 1966 in their home town of London, Ontario, Canada and continue to do so until this very day. A band of non musicians playing entirely free music, although perhaps after all these years they may have picked up some tricks. There have not been a lot of releases by them over these years, so I can imagine that Malevitsis is proud to be instrumental in adding to that small catalogue. It’s hard to say wether the Spasm Band is in fine condition here. They sound like they always sound. Dirty, loud, uncontrolled, slightly distorted, a bit muffled. The drums bang on nicely, while the guitars wail about and there are strange voices of someone trying to sing, but howls like wolf. Four pieces and perhaps they are all the same – which they aren’t of course – but they really belong together, as taped perhaps on one of those mondays; maybe last week, maybe last year, maybe ages ago. I thought this was all a most enjoyable record, very much a Nihilist Spasm Band record, exactly the kind of thing you would expect. Nothing changes. (FdW)

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