Daniel Menche – Invoker (CD album)




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Daniel Menche – Invoker (CD album)

Sounds compiled and mutated winter and spring of 2003 at “House of Menche”
and mixed and mastered at Private Studio Recordings,Portland.

Very special gratitude to- Dimitris Kariofillis, Timothy Stollenwerk,Scott Konzelmann, Francisco Lopez, Kiyoshi Mizutani,
Oren Ambarchi, Shunichiro Okada, RandyYau, Damion Romero, Gary Worsly, Carl Farrow and Henry Hughes.


“…All hell is breaking loose..(Graeme Rowland)” Brainwshed (USA)

‘Invoker'”inspired by the afe old ancient practice of sound being used to call upon higher dieties for strength and guidance and how mankind continues to use sound as an “invoker” in modern times”. Three lenghty pieces, totally over sixty minutes (I don’t have the titles of the pieces here). It’s hard to discuss ‘Invoker’ in the light of its predecessors, but I must say, I was quite pleased with sound. Only the third piece seems to hark the inspiration from his older noise work, the other two are more dark ambient pieces. Daniel Menche uses contact microphones and real microphones to record sound (I remember a concert where he amplified rubbing salt on his body), but besides he uses so many sound effects, that the original sources aren’t to be recognized again. For some people that may be a problem, that it is loaded with an overkill of sound effects, but especially in the first two pieces, Menche reaches an intense level of atmospheric sound. Introspective and contemplative. Menche might no longer be the young and rising star, he still knows his tricks well.(FdW-vital weekly)

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