dsic / Thaw ‎– Alcohol Depression / Untitled (cass)



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dsic / Thaw ‎– Alcohol Depression / Untitled (cass)

“Dsic occupies all of side one with his six-part odyssey into ‘Alcohol Depression’, employing a variety of methods and textures to generate his wild and extreme electronic music. Earlier records from him were like a roller-coaster or juggernaught as regards their out-of-control behaviour; this set may not have the same relentless impetus, but it’s deliciously oppressive, creating a mood of angsty despair not through shrouded mystery drone, but through disjointed crackling, swooping bursts, and constant digital throbberment nibbling away at the core of your aural capacity like three big white rats. Given the title, could turn out to be the ultimate hangover record, and its therapeutic value means it will soon pay for itself. Thaw’s ‘Untitled’ side shows him opting for two long tracks of grim digital fizzitude, where he cranks the handle on time’s metaphysical hurdy-gurdy and seals the fate of millions. A fatalistic and doomy burr is what he emanates to be sure, cut through with irregular patterns that resemble the wheezing inhalations of a ferocious ogre whose slow-burn grudge against mankind is on the verge of erupting into violent revenge. Dsic gets his musical oar in here too, contributing a remix of the third track which was assembled from parts of a previous Phantomhead release.” – Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

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