Government Alpha – Sporadic Spectra ‎(CD album)




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Government Alpha – Sporadic Spectra ‎(CD album)

“Yep, this is Series III all right. It’s the work of Yasutoshi Yoshida (his address is on the CD if you feel like sending him the address of a good Ear Nose and Throat specialist), and apart from a few seconds of light relief at the beginning of Cryptic Cave, it’s a non-stop 57 minute barrage of EXTREMELY LOUD noise. Even at normal listening volume (though exactly how you’d define that is up to you, I guess), Pale Eyed Lemming sounds like a jackhammer trying in vain to punch its way through a ten-foot thick iron plate, right there in your living room. “Clean and precise, like a surgeon’s scalpel,” writes Hoffman. Be that as it may, my lamentably traditional musical education rears its ugly head and forces me to question exactly what this music is for. OK, OK, so you’ll write back and say: “Does music have to be for (or about) anything?”, to which I can only answer ‘no’… but I can think of no remotely socially acceptable situation where you’d actually want to play this to anyone else (unless he/she’s a noise freak like yourself, assuming you are one), and trying to listen to it on headphones at any reasonable volume level is frankly fucking dangerous. Next to this, Throbbing Gristle is as easy as Mozart.” Dan Warburton

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