Onomatopoeia ‎– A Marble Holder From Andover (CD album)




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Onomatopoeia ‎– A Marble Holder From Andover (CD album)

Onomatopoeia is a solo project by Steve Fricker, the founder of the Cheeses International label, who is known for releasing the historical collaboration Merzbow and Kapotte Muziek “Continuum”, as well as the wonderful albums K2, Doc Wor Mirran, etc. This mini-album is the last in the discography of both the label and the group, so in a certain sense it symbolizes the end of an era. The material was recorded in 1996, and it took Steve 8 years to finally release it! This is one 20-minute play, the sound of which changes from ambient minimalism to a dense sound collage of noises, instruments and various objects.


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