I Treni Inerti ‎– Luz Azul (CD album)




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I Treni Inerti ‎– Luz Azul (CD album)
Ser Res was recorded on the night of September 29th 2010, in an olive orchard near Sant Viçens de Calders station, where two train lines meet. We were there from 3 to 5 am, playing as the freight trains passed and especially in the silences in between.
released March 14, 2017

Recorded on 29th september 2010

Ruth Barberan – trumpet & objects
Alfredo Costa Monteiro – accordion & objects

Group of improvised music formed in 2001 in Barcelona by Ruth Barberán, Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Matt Davis. In 2003, they became a duo. I Treni Inerti propose a music without ornaments, where silence is essential, as part of an ongoing process of creating a vacuum that is necessary in order to achieve both minimal and ephemeral sound worlds, in an approach that focuses on harmony, vibration and acoustic resonance. It is a continuous shift between what is audible and undetectable, what is private and what is shared, what is static and changing, between silence and presence.

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