Takahiro Kawaguchi, Tim Olive, Makoto Oshiro – Airs (CD album)




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Takahiro Kawaguchi, Tim Olive, Makoto Oshiro – Airs (CD album)

The title “Airs” refers to the meaning of the word as a tune or a song, more broadly interpreted as a composition. The four pieces here are all “compositions” in the sense that they all use pre-chosen general guidelines related to form, time, sound sources and density. The plural form is used because there is more than one “song”. The pieces were recorded live in a studio in Tokyo, mainly with microphones (relatively little direct signal), so there is also the element of “air”, the sound and atmosphere of the room. And of course all the attractive idioms such as “putting on airs” and “hot air”…

released October 30, 2014

Takahiro Kawaguchi: self-made instruments
Tim Olive: magnetic pickups
Makoto Oshiro: self-made instruments

Recorded in Tokyo, January 2014
Four tracks, total length of 39:06
Glass-mastered CD in recycled chipboard package, design by Takahiro Kawaguchi.
Recorded and mastered by Makoto Oshiro
Catalog number: 845-5

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